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Keeping Your Pet Safe in a Modern World | Gun Shy Dogs

As many have you have read my gun blogs, you know I am an avid hunter and proponent of using dogs for retrieving situations such as downed fowl. Those of you who have read my blogs for a long time know that I absolutely love my Invisible Fence, as a matter of fact I want to give a shout out to these guys. I called the other day because one of my probes was broken on my dog fence collar and even though its been 5 years these guys sent me a new collar and covered under their electric dog fence lifetime I though I'd post their info so you guys can check them out for yourself. Also just finished writing my dogs and gun safety article so hope you guys enjoy.



Almost every family has a pet these days. Whether it’s a pet cat, dog, or any other animal, you have to ensure its safety.


To ensure safety and the health of your pet, you need to watch out for signs such as appetite loss, rapidly losing or gaining weight, unusual behavior, strange lumps, and unable to move around normally. If your pet shows any of these signs, you have to visit the local vet right away.


A home is the safest place for people. However, for pets, it can be a haven of potential hazards. For those with pet cats or dogs, you’ve probably noticed that your little friend can get very curious. This can compromise your pet’s safety. Below are some of the things you can do to ensure the safety of your pet in a modern world.



For bathrooms and kitchen, you have to use childproof latches and other Petsafe products. Choose high shelves where you can out chemicals, cleaners, and medications. Trash bins must be covered, or you can also keep it inside a secured cabinet. If you see any spaces or holes in dryer units, washer, or cabinets, you have to block it. Don’t forget to close the lid of the toilet because your pet might accidentally drink cleaning chemicals.

Inside the family or living room, there are also some things that you can do. You can start by getting rid of dangling wires from stereos, telephones, and other electrical appliances. If you have kids at home, teach them to put away their things like toys or games after playing. Air vents also need to have covers and check tiny spaces where you pet can fit into.


Ensuring a pet-safe house is very important especially if your pet is small. The garage is often a neglected space, and if you have pets, those small critters are sure to wander off. You have to secure the doors and move chemicals, tools, and sharp objects into cabinets. If the driveway or door has antifreeze, you have to clean it thoroughly because it can lethal to pet animals. Most importantly remember that the outside world has the most fatal incidents of pet fatality a physical fence or electric dog fence solution tends to be one of the best means at keeping dogs safely contained on property.


If your pet is sleeping inside your room, you also need to check the bedroom for potential hazards. For instance, shoes and laundry must be kept inside the cabinet. Small animals are very playful and will fancy drawstrings and wires. Keep the room tidy and pet-friendly, and you will not have problems with safety.


Watch this great video on dog fence systems.


Did you know that certain foods are also not suitable for pets? It is not right to ignore the needs of your pets especially in terms of food. Below are some of the foods that you must not feed your pets:


  • Milk


  • Bones


  • Onions


  • Chocolate


  • Fatty foods


  • Raisins and grapes


  • Alcoholic drinks


  • Coffee


Small and adult animals can’t digest milk easily, and this is a common cause of diarrhea. Baking chocolate is also not good because it can truly kill your pet. If you have a pet dog, or even a cat, you should avoid feeding your pet with small pieces of bones. Small bones can cut the intestines or it can block passageways. For pets that are prone to anemia, you shouldn’t give onions because this ingredient can destroy the blood cells of dogs.


In some studies, grapes or raisins can cause renal failure, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, and appetite loss. Relevant problems in the digestive tract can be experienced by pets when you feed the dogs with fatty foods or gravy. Help you dog avoid fatty foods because it can lead to digestive gland inflammation and pancreatitis.

You can find great information on bark control collars, remote trainers etc.


Coffee isn’t good for pets, especially the whole and ground beans. You also need to stop the habit of drinking too many alcoholic beverages because it is dangerous for your precious pet.


Poison-proofing the house is very important. Almost every household has cleaners, insecticides, and other chemicals. If you love your kids, then you also need to show your genuine love for your pets. By following the tips and suggestions above, you can guarantee the safety of your pets and your children as well.


Some pets sleep outside the house. There are owners that chain their dogs, but just in case you have adequate yard space, it is better to let your pet lose. For instance, if you have enough yard space, you can put up a fence around the dog house. By doing so, you can allow your pet to roam free without worrying about possible problems.


Most specially, if you want to keep your pet safe, you have to look after your precious friend’s overall safety. It is hard to take care of pets. If you like animals and you want a companion at home it is time to buy a new pet animal. Have fun in pet-proofing your home, and your pet will love y








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